Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet

Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet

If you’re lucky enough to find a command execution vulnerability during a penetration test, pretty soon afterward you’ll probably want an interactive shell. If it’s not possible...
Credential Stuffing Attack

Basecamp Successfully Defends Against Credential Stuffing Attack

Basecamp successfully blocked an hour-long credential stuffing attack targeting its platform on January 29, with only around 100 out of the company's advertised user base...
Best Hacking Movies That You Should Watch Right Now

Best Hacking Movies That You Should Watch Right Now

If you are a geek, a coder, or a hacker then you must be the one who likes movies based on hacking and coding. Such...
Trojan Malware

Emotet Banking Trojan is back again

Emotet, the infamous banking trojan has emerged again in the radar after a dip in its activity. The latest version of Emotet can...

Data of 108 Million Bets and User is Leaked by Online Casino Group

Security researcher Justine Paine discovered a data leak this week from an ElasticSearch server. The leak involved over 108 million bets and user data from...

Millions of dollars stolen in scam by taxi drivers in Toronto, Police arrests six

Since 2018, the Greater Toronto Area is facing a major taxi fare scam that involves drivers defrauding customers. The criminal drivers rely on...
Latest Bluetooth Hacking Techniques

Latest Bluetooth hacking techniques expose new attack vectors for hackers

BlueBorne is a vulnerability discovered in several Bluetooth implementations. Btlejacking relies on the jamming vulnerability tracked as CVE-2018-7252 and affects BLE devices with...
Germany Politicians Hack

Hackers Leak Personal Data from Hundreds of German Politicians On Twitter

Germany has been hit with the biggest hack in its history. A group of unknown hackers has leaked highly...
Skype vulnerability

This Skype vulnerability allows you to bypass Android’s phone lock

A security researcher found a vulnerability in Skype’s Android app which allows users to access several app functions without entering the passcode...

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