2 million user records stolen from top adult streaming site MyFreeCams and sold on hacker forum


A month ago Hackread.com solely revealed how the Indonesian internet business monster Tokopedia was hacked by dull web programmers and individual subtleties of 92 million of its clients were being exchanged and sold on dim web commercial centers and a few programmer discussions.

Presently, a dangerous entertainer has released a store of individual and electing information guaranteeing it has a place with 2.3 million Indonesian residents. As indicated by the example information seen by Hackread.com, the information seems to go back to 2013 and is by all accounts taken from the authority site of The General Elections Commission or Komisi Pemilihan Umum (KPU) in Indonesian.

he 2.36 GB of information has been separated into a few envelopes all containing the information in PDF documents including complete names, addresses, enrollment numbers, family card numbers, date of birth and spot of the birth, and so on

What’s in the data set?

In view of the examples we saw from the information base, it seems to contain:


Email addresses

Passwords in plain content

MFC Token adjusts

What’s the effect of the break?

The information found in the hacked MyFreeCams data set can be utilized in an assortment of ways against the clients whose data was uncovered, including the accompanying:

Coercing and blackmailing cash from MyFreeCams account proprietors by taking steps to uncover their character and MFC enrollment to other people, including loved ones.

Taking the records alongside their MFC Token adjusts from the proprietors and selling them on the bootleg market.

Submitting certification stuffing assaults against the individuals’ other online records.

Utilizing the information from the data set to mount focused on phishing assaults.

Spamming the casualties’ messages.

Luckily, the taken MyFreeCams data set doesn’t contain any exceptionally delicate data like Visa numbers or identification IDs. In any case, even email locations and plain content passwords can be sufficient to assume control over the casualties’ different records on the off chance that they utilize the equivalent login accreditations across numerous online administrations.


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