Airtel denies report of data leak that affected over 2.5 million subscribers


A report prior this week asserted an Airtel information penetrate that influenced as numerous as 2,000,000 endorsers. Delicate data, for example, addresses, Aadhar card numbers, and sex were available to be purchased on the web, as indicated by the India Today report. The break was spotted by autonomous security analyst Rajshekhar Rajaharia. A gathering that called itself Red Rabbit Team is purportedly answerable for the hack. The group behind the detailed Airtel information penetrate was hoping to sell the data online for USD 3,500 (approx Rs 2.55 lakh) worth of Bitcoin. Albeit the site is disconnected now, the programmers actually have ownership of the information and could sell it somewhere else later on.

Prior to endeavoring to sell the information on the web, Red Rabbit Team attempted to coerce Airtel for a similar sum. This is demonstrated by a video recording of messages between the programmers and Airtel. Timestamps on said messages propose that the break occurred on December 12, demonstrating that Airtel knew about the issue for a long while, yet decided to stay quiet about it.

Nonetheless, Airtel has intensely rejected that the break started on its end. An Airtel agent gave the accompanying assertion to the Economic Times, “In this particular case, we affirm that there is no information penetrate at our end,” an Airtel representative said. “Indeed, the cases made by this gathering uncover glaring mistakes and an enormous extent of the information records don’t have a place with Airtel. We have just informed the important specialists about the issue.”

Airtel is intimating that the penetrate started somewhere else and that its workers have been unaffected. Notwithstanding, the tone in Airtel’s messages appears to propose something else. This specific break is very disturbing, as 25 lakh records have a place with J&K inhabitants, some of which could military faculty.


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