Building Your Privacy-Compliant Customer Data Platform (CDP) with First-Party Data


In today’s digital era, data privacy isn’t just a concern; it’s a consumer demand. Businesses are grappling with the dual challenge of leveraging customer data for personalized experiences while navigating a maze of privacy regulations. The answer? A privacy-compliant Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Join us for a transformative webinar where we unveil Twilio Segment’s state-of-the-art CDP. Discover how it champions compliant and consented data use, empowering you to craft a holistic customer view and revolutionize engagement strategies.

Twilio Segment’s State of Personalization Report reveals a compelling truth: 63% of consumers welcome personalization, provided it stems from directly shared data.

However, the phasing out of third-party cookies, the advent of privacy-centric browsers, and stringent regulations like GDPR have left businesses pondering how to personalize effectively within a privacy-first framework.

In an age where data privacy and compliance are not just buzzwords but imperatives, mastering the ethical management of customer data is crucial for businesses striving for excellence.

Circle your calendar for “Building Your Privacy-Compliant Customer Data Platform (CDP) with First-Party Data.” Secure your spot now for an enlightening session you can’t afford to miss!


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