Cyber Landscape is Evolving – So Should Your SCA


Application Security professionals face enormous challenges securing their software supply chains, racing against time to beat the attacker to the mark.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools have become a basic instrument in the application security arsenal in the last 7 years. Although essential, many platforms end up creating more mess and driving the key pain in the industry – alert fatigue, leaving your supply chain exposed to critical vulnerabilities and malicious code attacks.

Fortunately, alongside the black hat hackers making their best efforts to find new attack vectors and surfaces, innovative security tools are breaking new ground, helping organizations stay secure despite emerging threats.

Myrror Security’s latest resource, “Your SCA is Broken Guide – The Missing Pieces In Your Software Composition Analysis Platform,” offers application security professionals a view into the traditional SCA tools of today and a glimpse into the tools of tomorrow. Reading through will give the reader a deep dive into how SCAs operate, their outputs, pitfalls, and most importantly – the essential features a truly robust software supply chain security tool should include.

While excelling at showing a (very) full picture of detected vulnerabilities, traditional SCA tools often fail to address the full spectrum of 3rd party risks.

Software supply chain security isn’t about giving application security professionals an exhausting list of vulnerabilities. It is about handling what is right to keep our organization protected.

SCA tools might be great at identifying known vulnerabilities, but they often miss on the deeper more systemic view of how to actually achieve security. Lack of relevant prioritization in a massive workload leads teams to treading water, eventually becoming fatigued as well as leaving their organization exposed.

Perhaps the most concerning aspect, handling only known vulnerabilities leaves a very open window for the unknown. Code attacks are the nightmare of every organization. Traditional SCAs overlook this vector, allowing the nightmare to become a reality. This is something that no organization should or could ignore.

Missing out on the above-mentioned aspects leaves gaps in our organization’s coverage and harms our security posture. Hence, in order to protect users, data, and assets – companies MUST move forward.

Software supply chain attacks are on the rise.

According to Gartner’s predictions, by 2025, 45% of organizations will be affected. Traditional Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools are not enough, and the time to act is now.

Download Myrror’s go-to guide to knowing your SCAs, your companion on the road to a better security posture. Expand your knowledge of the inner workings of SCAs and their rights and wrongs. Learn about vulnerabilities and supply chain attacks and better understand the risks. Discover what could be done to promote your supply chain security today.

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After touching on what is missing, what should we expect from the tools of the future?

This is just scratching the surface. A deeper insight can be found in our guide.

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Neglecting the hidden risks in your SCA tools can lead to severe security breaches, compliance issues, and financial losses. Recent high-profile supply chain attacks have shown the devastating impact of inadequate SCA practices. By identifying the gaps and ultimately addressing them, you can significantly enhance your security posture and protect your organization from emerging threats.

By reading “Your SCA is Broken Guide,” you will gain:

By understanding the limitations of traditional SCA tools and embracing a more comprehensive approach, you can fortify your defenses and maintain the integrity of your software supply chain.

Stay ahead in the battle against software supply chain risks and don’t leave your security to chance. Secure your copy of “Your SCA is Broken Guide – The Missing Pieces In Your Software Composition Analysis Platform” today and take a step towards a more secure future.

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