Cyber Risk Aware and Blue Cube Security tackles the increase in cyber threat, for businesses


Cyber Risk Aware announces a partnership with one of the UK’s largest cyber security solutions providers, Blue Cube Security.

Cyber Risk Aware and Blue Cube Security have joined hands on taking care of day by day increasing cyber threat to businesses and organizations within the UK region. Over the last year, 98% of security professionals within the UK have reported a rise in cyber-attacks, with 96% revealing more sophisticated methods getting used in these attacks.

It is therefore imperative that companies of all sizes look to take a position in cyber security to guard their networks and avoid a potentially devastating attack. Investing in advanced technical defenses against cyber threats often comes with a high tag and without the specified result; something many businesses don’t have sufficient funds or resources for.

Technical defenses alone cannot stop incidents from happening. Almost 80% of cyber incidents caused by human error, and 44% are that of employee mistakes caused by lack of awareness of human cybersecurity principles, user behavior and education got to be tackled first and foremost.

Cyber Risk Aware and Blue Cube Security’s new partnership brings a high level and cost effective approach to cyber security, through their Cynergy Educate services which will be provided by Blue Cube Security.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Blue Cube Security, who, like us, understand the importance of both human defenses and technical support to guard businesses from cyber threats.

Appreciating that most of  the businesses have applied limitations on time, people and money, together we are ready to offer an integrated solution with a fully-managed service for our security training platform, heading the way with an accessible, innovative and price effective approach to cyber security solutions.

Cyber Risk Aware cyber security awareness training program was recently conducted by Gartner for its unique and innovative solution. because the only company within the world to supply ‘real-time’ cyber security awareness training through online training, Cyber Risk Aware solution delivers the proper message to the proper user at the precise time of need.

Blue Cube Security works with its customers from initial work process through to solution implementation, optimization and education. Partnering with Blue Cube Security brings another level of service and expertise within the cyber security realm, offering prevention, training and support.

This partnership was created to go with each company’s strengths and fortify clients’ systems to assist manage the ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks and makes the method of cyber security highly efficient, cost effective and straightforward to implement.

Cyber Risk Aware meets all the needs of our customers, also flexible in approach and like us believe that relationships have a better value than revenue said, Director of Professional Services at Blue Cube Security.

Our Cyber Security Awareness platform Cynergy Educate combines the facility of Cyber Risk Aware platform with Blue Cube Security’s deep Cyber Intelligence, leading to a win-win for patrons and therefore the development of human firewalls within their organization.

Together they carry over 40 years of combined experience within the field of cyber security to their customers.


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