Facebook Launches Bug Bounty Program


New Delhi, Oct 10 (IANS) In its offer to boost network protection specialists with extra rewards and advantages, Facebook has dispatched an industry-first unwaveringness program called Hacker Plus.

As a component of Hacker Plus, analysts will be qualified to get extra rewards on bug abundance grants, admittance to all the more destined to-be-delivered items and highlights they can pressure test, and restrictive welcomes to the organization’s yearly occasions.

Programmer Plus has five groups, with Bronze as the passage level and Diamond as the most noteworthy level.

Analysts have been set into groups dependent on the total amount of their entries, scores, and sign-to-commotion proportion throughout the most recent two years, the organization said in an announcement on Friday.

Specialists are qualified to get rewards on the head of a standard abundance grant.

“For instance, specialists in our Bronze alliance will get a 5 percent reward on the head of every abundance they get. Precious stone alliance individuals will procure a 20 percent reward on the head of every abundance grant they get”.

Begun from October 9, abundance grants will remember the significant Hacker Plus reward for the head of the first abundance grant all out.

“We’ll routinely assess specialists’ group position by examining their score, sign and number of submitted bug reports inside the most recent a year,” said Dan Gurfinkel, Security Engineering Manager, Facebook.

This implies specialists can climb a group on the off chance that they submit all the more excellent bug entries.

When an analyst meets a higher alliance’s rules, they will quickly be put into that association.

Scientists in higher-level associations — Gold, Platinum, and Diamond — will get selective welcomes to pressure test new highlights and items before dispatch.

“Precious stone and Platinum group individuals will likewise get welcomes to bug abundance occasions with movement and facilities gave (occasion make a trip subject to change as indicated by organization strategies around Covid-19),” said Facebook.

To remember the dispatch of Hacker Plus, Facebook is additionally granting an Oculus Quest 2 headset to scientists who arrive at the Diamond class before the finish of the schedule year.

Since its origin in 2011, Facebook’s bug abundance program has offered a progression of activities to perceive the commitments of the capable network of scientists who help guard Facebook.

The Facebook bug abundance program is presently moving toward its tenth commemoration.



Likewise, Facebook additionally dispatched today another apparatus for bug trackers.

Named FBDL (Facebook Bug Description Language), Facebook said this instrument would help bug trackers compose better portrayals for the security defects they find so Facebook’s staff can duplicate bugs simpler when breaking down submitted reports.

Facebook said that bug trackers who use FBDL can anticipate that their bug entries should be settled quicker, yet the organization is additionally ready to include a money related reward for confirmed bugs that accompany an FBDL depiction — just to get the apparatus’ appropriation moving.

The reward will be 5% of the base abundance grant, yet close to $500, Facebook said.


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