Google Launched Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative Covering Third-Party OEMs


Google has reported another activity to help improve the security of Android gadgets transported by different producers. Called Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative (AVPI), the program will freely list the security weaknesses Google finds on accomplice gadgets. The AVPI will “drive remediation and give straightforwardness to clients” about security issues on their telephones.

Google has a few projects through which designers can report weaknesses to its security group. The Android Security Rewards Program (ASR) permits designers to report weaknesses in Android code while weaknesses in outsider Android applications can be accounted for through the Google Play Security Rewards Program.

Google at that point discharges ASR reports in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) based code through the Android Security Bulletins (ASB). The issues delivered in ASR reports could affect all Android gadgets and subsequently, OEMs must receive ASB changes before revealing the current month’s Android security fix level (SPL).

The AVPI program presently includes another layer of security for Android gadgets. As Google says, it beforehand didn’t have a reasonable method to handle security issues found on accomplice gadgets outside of the AOSP code. These issues are typically “novel to a lot littler arrangement of explicit Android OEMs.”

The new activity will offer an extra layer of security for this focused onset of Android OEMs. It will cover Google-found issues that could “conceivably influence the security stance of an Android gadget or its client”. These incorporate a wide scope of issues that sway gadget code and are not overhauled or kept up by Google.



The AVPI program is as of now live and has handled various security issues up until this point. A rundown of issues found under this program is accessible openly here. As should be obvious on the rundown, Google has unveiled security gives that influenced gadgets from ZTE, Vivo, OPPO, Huawei, and that’s just the beginning.

Google has likewise given a few instances of issues they have distinguished and fix under the AVPI program. Those remember weaknesses for an outsider pre-introduced over-the-air (OTA) update arrangement. Another Google-found issue hosted a famous third-get-together internet browser, that comes pre-introduced on numerous gadgets, spilling login qualifications. The application obviously utilized a feeble calculation (DES) and a known, hardcoded key. Google has announced the issue to the engineer and a fix has been delivered.

Android doesn’t have the notoriety of being the most secure portable stage however Google makes a decent attempt to make it safe enough for clients. The AVPI program is another activity in such a manner. Ideally, it’ll go far in improving the security of Android gadgets.


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