PhoneInfoga – Advanced information gathering & OSINT framework


PhoneInfoga is one of the most exceptional devices to filter worldwide telephone numbers utilizing just free assets. The objective is to initially assemble standard data, for example, nation, territory, transporter, and line type on any global telephone numbers with generally excellent exactness. At that point look for impressions on web crawlers to attempt to discover the VoIP supplier or distinguish the proprietor.

This venture is under the dynamic turn of events however is steady and creation prepared. Numverify examine is inconsequential on demo occasion in light of the fact that my worker’s IP got impeded because of spam. The guide is here.

This venture has as of late been revised in Go language (beforehand Python). Why? To improve code base, viability, have a more grounded test suite and have the option to arrange the codebase. PhoneInfoga v2 brings new highlights, for example, serving a REST API and a web customer. The use of scanners was improved to drop utilization of Selenium/geckodriver which has made numerous clients have investigated utilizing the device. You can in any case utilize the inheritance rendition in tag v1.11 and the heritage Docker picture (sundowndev/phoneinfoga:legacy). A few highlights were excluded from the v2 MVP, for example, input/yield CLI alternatives. The guide of the undertaking changed so we can zero in on the web customer highlights, for example, downloading filter results as CSV, Instagram/Whatsapp query, and the sky is the limit from there. Adaptation 2 doesn’t check Google results any longer.

Process Flow


GitHub Link: PhoneInfoga


# Download the archive
curl -L "$(uname -s)_$(uname -m).tar.gz" -o phoneinfoga.tar.gz

# Extract the binary
tar xfv phoneinfoga.tar.gz

# Run the software
./phoneinfoga --help

# You can install it globally
mv ./phoneinfoga /usr/bin/phoneinfoga


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