Webinar: The Art of Privilege Escalation – How Hackers Become Admins


In the digital age, the battleground for security professionals is not only evolving, it’s expanding at an alarming rate. The upcoming webinar, “The Art of Privilege Escalation – How Hackers Become Admins,” offers an unmissable opportunity for IT security experts to stay ahead in this relentless cyber war.

Privilege escalation – the term might sound benign, but in the hands of a skilled hacker, it’s a devastating tactic. It’s a method where cyber attackers, starting as standard users, clandestinely climb the ladder of access, eventually gaining root-level control.

This isn’t just a breach; it’s a systematic takeover of your entire network. Picture a scenario where cybercriminals roam freely through your network, turning your layers of defense into mere spectators. It’s a chilling thought, but it’s a reality faced by organizations across the globe.

What if you could anticipate and counter these threats? Expertly delivered by Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist (CSS) & Advisory CISO at Delinea, this webinar aims to turn the tables on cyber attackers.

It’s not just a webinar; it’s your step towards transforming your approach to digital security. Take advantage of this chance to be at the forefront of cybersecurity defense.

Join us and be part of an eye-opening session that empowers you to protect your organization against sophisticated cyber threats.

See you there!


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