Data of 108 Million Bets and User is Leaked by Online Casino Group

Security researcher Justine Paine discovered a data leak this week from an ElasticSearch server. The leak involved over 108 million bets and user data from...
play store

Google Play Store: A hub for spreading malware?

A report by Russian security firm Doctor Web has suggested that several of the Google Play Store's apps were spread malware known as "The...

Adobe : Open Source Tool For Exposed Credentials

Adobe tool named Dubbed Stringlifier is available as open source ,The Tool was written in Python and leverages machine learning to differentiate random character...

John The Ripper: Password Cracker

John the ripper is the password cracking tool, which is used to test password strength, brute-force encrypted (hashed) passwords, and crack passwords via dictionary...

PYSA : Security Tool As Open Source

Facebook releases a tool named PYSA, as an open-source tool, after the success of tool on Instagram. PYSA : It is used to detect the bugs...
Best Hacking Documentaries That You Should Watch Right Now

Best Hacking Documentaries That You Should Watch Right Now

In order to become an ethical hacker in the 21st century, you should know some coding laterally with good inspiration.

Setup Proxychains in Linux

What is Proxychains? Proxychains is a tool that forces any TCP connection made by any given application to go through proxies like TOR or any...

The First Ever Youtube Video Has Been Ruined: Here’s Why

The first-ever video that was uploaded to youtube has been ruined because of some hack which has taken place. The video’s description has been edited...

Installing I2P Service

The I2P service is pretty simple to install, simply use the apt repository Gather the binaries $ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:i2p-maintainers/i2p $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install...
Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet

Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet

If you’re lucky enough to find a command execution vulnerability during a penetration test, pretty soon afterward you’ll probably want an interactive shell. If it’s not possible...

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