department of defense

Pentagon Impedes 36 Million Malicious Emails Each Day

The Defense Information Systems Agency conducts an assessment of DoD web browsing practices to determine the utility of bandwidths. The US navy spends around $160...
smart bulb

Smart Bulbs: Next big target for cyberattacks?

Researchers at UTSA have recently discovered that invisible wave spectrum in smart bulbs which come equipped with infrared abilities can be taken advantage of...
Skype vulnerability

This Skype vulnerability allows you to bypass Android’s phone lock

A security researcher found a vulnerability in Skype’s Android app which allows users to access several app functions without entering the passcode...
play store

Google Play Store: A hub for spreading malware?

A report by Russian security firm Doctor Web has suggested that several of the Google Play Store's apps were spread malware known as "The...
Best Hacking Documentaries That You Should Watch Right Now

Best Hacking Documentaries That You Should Watch Right Now

In order to become an ethical hacker in the 21st century, you should know some coding laterally with good inspiration.

The Fascinating Hacker Tools of Mr. Robot

Hacking, for the most part in popular culture, has always been misrepresented. The producers of these media focus more on getting the typical "oh...

Installing I2P Service

The I2P service is pretty simple to install, simply use the apt repository Gather the binaries $ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:i2p-maintainers/i2p $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install...

Millions of dollars stolen in scam by taxi drivers in Toronto, Police arrests six

Since 2018, the Greater Toronto Area is facing a major taxi fare scam that involves drivers defrauding customers. The criminal drivers rely on...

Metasploit : Mobile Hacking

Hack Smart Phone Using Kali(Remotely)   Hello Hackers, This is a tutorial explaining how to hack smart phones with kali. STEP 1: OPEN KALI/PARROT: # Open up your terminal...

NMAP : Tutorial

Network mapped (nmap) is a network scanning and host detection tool that is very useful in the course of numerous steps of penetration checking...

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